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As a Thai-Lao joint-venture company serving as a “Symbol of Friendship” between the two countries, Hongsa Power Company Limited (HPC) takes pride in being committed to do our best in leading both Laos and Thailand on the path to a sustainable future that lies upon the stability of electrical power.


With fervent intention of being a good citizen, HPC not only supports the development that makes a community self-reliant while simultaneously preserving its cultural identity and heritage, but also takes part in community activities concerning culture, education, sports, and assistance in case of natural disasters. 


Striving to deliver beyond commitment under the Concession Agreement, HPC – with its unwavering sincerity and dedication – relentlessly takes an active part in improving the quality of life of people directly and indirectly affected by our project, as well as of the entire community surrounding the project area. With all these efforts and endeavors, we expect to build a successful business and a thriving community – all at the same time.