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Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is a document to be prepared as a part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report. An EMP includes a project management plan to remediate and prevent potential impacts determined by a monitoring program. The first EMP revision was submitted together with the EIA report in June 2007, and approved by MONRE on 29 November 2007. Thereafter, the EMP revision of September 2010 was conducted by incorporating (a) the environmental baseline data gathered in EIA 2007, (b) the additional baseline data required to be conducted under CA Annex I, as well as (c) the obligations and standards under Annex I. This updated revision shall be upheld as the framework for environmental management plan, together with other required documentation committed in reference to CA Annex I. 



As shown in the diagram above, HPC is highly concerned about the full compliance of the Company’s activities with relevant obligations, laws and standards stated in the Concession Agreement, under which measures for preventing and mitigating environmental issues in both construction and operational phases are provided in detail. The Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is divided into three (3) main management plans.


Common Environmental Management Plan (Common EMP) 

The common EMP contains measures for general implementation of “COMMON” activities during construction and operation phases, with the aim of mitigating relevant risks and ensuring compliance with the Project’s regulatory requirements and obligations.  The activities classified here as “COMMON” include accident prevention, health monitoring and communicable disease reporting, community disturbance and emergency management, hazardous material handling, occupational health and safety management, and waste management.


Construction Environmental Management Plan (Construction EMP)

Despite a relatively similar concept as the “Common EMP”, the “Construction EMP” is specifically focused ONLY on the construction phase of each project component - such as measures related to dust emission control, surface-water hydrology and quality, traffic volume and safety, noise and vibration control, protection of wildlife and forest resources, soil and erosion, etc. 


Operation Environmental Management Plan (Operation EMP)

The Operation EMP is mainly focused on the operation phase of each project component. It contains measures and monitoring programs to be implemented in order to monitor and mitigate risks in relation to each project component during the operation phase – such as power plant, lignite mine, limestone quarry, and 500 kV transmission line. Some measures from the Construction EMP have also been carried over to this Operation EMP – including those related to water usage and reservoir water, point-source air emission (PM, NOx and SO2 generated during the combustion process), and ash disposal. 



Construction Phase Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan  (CPEMMP)

HPC established the CPEMMP, using the SHE-MS as the framework for management. The CPEMMP comprises the HPC and Contractor’s construction work plans, details about the implementation of the safety and management system associated with the compliance and mitigation measures, control of records, emergency response procedures, and the detailed monitoring program in relation to power plant, transmission line, mining and infrastructure activities. HPC prepared and submitted the CPEMMP to MONRE for review no later than ninety (90) days after the date on which the Company issued the Notice to Proceed (NTP), and it was already approved. However, it is required that the CPEMMP shall be submitted to MONRE for review and approval every two (2) years.



Operation Phase Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan  (OPEMMP)

The OPEMMP shall establish the scope and serve as the basis for all implementation requirements, in order to avoid, alleviate, mitigate, remedy and/or compensate, or otherwise address the project’s impacts within the impact areas during the operational phase. The Company shall submit the OPEMMP, together with the Company’s application for approval of the OPEMMP and associated permits, to MONRE for review no later than six (6) months prior to COD or within September 2015.



Contractors' EMP

The Contractor’s EMP is the document established by the construction contractor, on which specific SHE mitigation measures will be applied to the site in accordance with the specified standards, the EMP, the OPEMMP, the Concession Agreements, Permits, and Annex I.