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Road Access


Overall, a road of approximately 62 kilometers will be constructed and upgraded. Out of the total length, 38 kilometers will be main roads to the Project, developed to standards of the Thai Department of Highways and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Office; while the remaining 24 kilometers will be 3 access roads within the Project, leading to the Limestone Quarry, Nam Ken dam, and Nam Luok dam. Details of the roads to be constructed or upgraded are:


1. Main Road Linking Lao-Thai Border to the Power Plant 32 km
2. Ban Han Bypass Road (Hongsa district) 6 km
3. Access Road to Limestone Quarry (Ngeun district) 7 km
4. Access Road to Nam Ken Dam (Hongsa district) 12 km
5. Access Road to Nam Luok Dam (Hongsa district) 5 km


Station Before Construction After Construction