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Safety Activities

In an attempt to “Protect Life, Reduce Loss of Properties and Preserve Environment”, HPC strives to promote “SAFETY Awareness” among HPC business units, contractors and communities where the Company operates, through the following activities: 



Competency and Safety Training

In an attempt to build competencies regarding safety, health, and environment – particularly relevant requirements and obligations stated in the Concession Agreement (CA) – among employees (including owner’s employees), contractors and sub-contractors; HPC has organized several initiative activities, including: Safer Riding with


Safety Helmet

The objective of this activity is to raise safety awareness among local people (including students), and encourage them to comply with general traffic rules and signs, thus becoming an active part in preventing and reducing road accidents and casualties. 


Basic Knowledge of Daily Life Safety for Communities

This activity aims to provide general safety knowledge and necessary safety information - e.g. how to use electricity safety, etc. – in order to avoid unexpected accidents or incidents to local villagers and students. 


Emergency Preparedness and Response


Emergency Preparedness and Response

This activity aims to prepare participants for accidents and emergency situations related to operational risks and their consequences. This preparation includes a drill plan that addresses resources, responsibilities, communication and operation procedures, as well as other aspects required to effectively respond to emergencies associated with project hazards.



Health Activities

Health Activities


Medical Knowledge and Skills Development 

To save and protect lives of all involved parties, HPC has consistently organized in-house training for HPC occupational health and rescue officers, contractors, and medical staff from local hospitals. In addition, the Company has continually sent delegates to participate in various related training, organized by professional occupational health teams from both governmental and non-governmental organizations.  


Medical Emergency Drill 

The medical emergency drill has been carried out periodically, to ensure effective handling of emergency situations. Under this activity, participants have the chance to learn about basic life-saving techniques from Bangkok Hospital specialists, perform a drill in case of critical illness, and practice immediate action of referring the patient to Chalermprakiat Hospital in collaboration with the 

Government Relation team.

Health Activities



Enhancement of Health Knowledge for Communities 

In an attempt to foster a better health among local people, HPC has strived to educate them on health care issues and provided them with necessary information on health. 



Environmental Activities 

As part of our efforts to build a strong environmental preservation network, HPC has organized numerous environmental activities, encouraging involvement from the public and community. Such activities include:


World Environmental Day Celebration in Hongsa

The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. In 2012, EMU-Hongsa District and HPC staff joined the celebration by undertaking tree-planting and clean-up campaigns, inviting participants to plant trees and collect waste around Hongsa Town, in order to maintain a green and clean environment.


National Planting Day 

Aiming to create awareness on natural resources conservation, on every June 1st, HPC joins Hongsa District in the celebration of the ‘National Planting Day’, and arranges activities with student leaders – such as waste management, and road traffic safety.


National Aquatic and Wildlife Conservation Day

The ‘National Aquatic and Wildlife Conservation Day’ is celebrated every year on the 13th of July. Organized by HPC in collaboration with Hongsa District at Nam Ken, Ban Thaenkham, the event was attended by delegates from relevant GoL authorities and HPC staff. At the event, more than 20,000 fingerlings were released into the natural water resource in order to increase the fish population.


Enhancement of Environmental Knowledge

In an attempt to promote environmental conservation among community members, HPC has conducted several environment-related activities to involve the local community – including:

  • Waste management for the Hongsa Open-Market
  • Support for environmental education in Hongsa Secondary School
  • Fire protection break training for the local community
  • Fertilization training for the local community