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Upon its completion in 2016, the Hongsa Mine Mouth Power Plant



will make Laos become widely renowned as the “Battery of ASEAN”, with its capacity to produce 1,473 MW of electricity for sale to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT), and 100 MW to the Electricité du Lao (EDL), over a period of 25 years.

Specific project benefits are as follows:
•    Providing base-load electricity supply to both Lao PDR and Thailand
•    Becoming a suitable model of achieving sustainable social and economic development
•    Creating an improved standard of living, based on a steady stream of project revenues
•    Offering employment opportunities and training programs for local communities
•    Developing new infrastructure and facilities for local communities – including houses, roads, as well as education and health facilities
•    Providing a relatively stable power tariff, not subject to world oil and gas prices
•    Ensuring a highly reliable power supply, as the mine mouth power plant has no risk of fuel shortage
•    Promoting bilateral economic relationship between Thailand and Lao PDR, and fulfilling the bilateral power purchase agreement between the two countries