PAPs and GoL Obligations

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Project Affected Persons (PAPs) 

  • PAP1 or Resettler: villagers totally losing their houses, farmlands, and needing relocation, which include 422 households of 2,032 persons from 5 villages
  • PAP2 or Indirectly Affected Community: villagers partially losing their houses, home plots, farmlands, but needing no relocation, which include 2,116 households of 10,077 persons from 12 villages
  • PAP3 or Host Community: villagers living in the resettlement site, which include 50 households of 334 persons from two villages



Key Obligations with GoL for PAP1/Resettler

  • Provision of health checks before and after relocation
  • Support of rice and basic nutrition during the first 3 years of relocation (Transitional Period)
  • Increase of income to be above the National Poverty Line within 2 years after relocation 
  • Attainment of 150% of baseline income within 10 years after relocation 


As for PAP2 and PAP3, to ensure their better or at least same quality of life, the improvement of local condition surrounding the project area is to be undertaken.