Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)

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 Resettlement Action Plan


Key Entitlement Matrix

  • Replacement of lost residential land and house with a new house on a 450m2 land plot, plus cash compensation equivalent to the difference between the value of the lost home plot and that of the newly allocated one. 
  • Replacement of PAP1’s lost agricultural land with a 2-hectare plot per household, plus cash compensation equivalent to the difference between the value of the lost land and that of the newly allocated one.
  • Compensation for lost crops and other establishments
  • Development of the resettlement site into a new urban centre with  necessary infrastructure and supporting facilities
  • Provision of a secured job as a Project Employee for at least one person per household 
  • Issuance of land title deeds for new home plots and farmlands on the resettlement site after 3 years of relocation
  • Increase of PAP1’s household income to be above the National Rural Poverty Line within 2 years 
  • Increase of PAP1’s average household income by 150% of the baseline within 10 years



Land Acquisition, Compensation, and Grievance Readiness

Land acquisition of approximately 1,100 hectares in the Concession Area indicates 97% achievement. The acquired lands (with land title deeds) include:  residential land (17 ha.), orchard (403 ha.), rice paddy (750 ha.), and fish pond (4 ha.) – accounting for a total compensation of 11.8 million US Dollars for 2,304 families.



Physical Relocation

  • Ban Mai (13 households/60 persons), 28-30 March 2011
  • Ban Na Mai Yom (44 households/283 persons), 20-25 October 2011
  • Ban Champa (67 households/307 persons), 9-15 November 2011
  • Ban Na Nong Kham (98 households/549 persons), 10-19 May 2012
  • Ban Na Xai Kham (200 households/837 persons), 26-29 July 2012