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We are HPC


The logo of Hongsa Power Company Limited (HPC) ’s corporate shared values highlights the characteristics of HPC employees. Through the symbol of three people figures in different colors that form a flower with two green supporting leaves, the logo represents the gathering of people from different backgrounds that have been working together joyfully and wholeheartedly – with the aim of actively collaborating with the local community to create social prosperity with respect and harmony to the environment. 





HPC’s corporate shared values consist of four elements:


Safety First: 

Ensure safety in all operations through regular monitoring and inspections – based on true concerns, extensive knowledge, and accepted standards of safety 



Establish oneself as a reliable person, through the continuous search for knowledge; the relentless pursuit of expertise; the fulfillment of promises; as well as the upholding of fairness, impartiality, transparency, and verifiability



Work in solidarity and respect with colleagues to achieve common goals, integrating each individual’s differences to create the best work without consideration of personal interest or of the interest of one’s own department


Good Citizen:

Comply genuinely with the company’s rules and regulations, applicable laws, local culture and tradition; as well as seriously care for those affected by social and environmental impacts.